Gluten-free bread sticks with pesto mayonnaise

pesto mayonnaiseIts New Years Eve! One of my favourite things to do on New Years Eve is to eat lots and lots of appetizers. And one of my favourite appetizers are bread sticks. As I am new to the gluten-free world, I just had to go hunting for a wonderful bread stick recipe that I could make for tonight. After going searching about the web and through the few books I purchased, I decided to make sticks similar to the ones pictured in the coloured photograph section of the “Complete Gluten-Free Cookbook” by Washburn & Butt.

I use the term similar because I can never leave well enough alone. I must change recipes. Its a compulsion I have. I’m sure that these two wonderful authors spent huge amounts of time perfecting their recipe, but meh, I still have to much about. So, the recipe below is the result of my mucking. The two recipes are similar, but there are enough differences that my recipe would yield bread with a slightly different flavour than the published version. Plus I blew up my hand mixer last week (I destroy at least one a year), so I have to blend by hand until the new one comes in the mail in the new year. I’m not standing by the kitchen sink and blending my bread by hand for 10-15 minutes, or whatever the equivalent to 4 minutes by hand mixer would have been. I’m far too lazy. Finally, I used a smaller pan because I wanted my bread sticks to be thicker and chewier.

The result of my experiment is that I absolutely adored this recipe. The bread sticks are light with a wonderfully chewy centre and a nice crisp exterior. The sesame seeds add body and depth to the whole stick. I honestly couldn’t imagine this recipe without the sesame seeds.But what did I want to go with the bread sticks?

Well, in October I still was unaware of my body’s dislike for gluten so my friend and I ordered bread sticks and dippers from a fancy restaurant. One of the dips that came with the bread sticks was pesto mayonnaise. I fell in love instantly! I wanted to make this dip before but I just never got around to doing so until now. I’m sure glad that I did, because this recipe is just wonderful! I simply added gluten-free mayo to my pesto recipe (also included below) and voila! It was so simple! You can also just mix store bought pesto and mayonnaise together at a ratio of 1 part pesto to 2 part mayonnaise. If its too strong for your taste buds, dilute the pesto with more mayonnaise until you are satisfied with the results.

TURTLE TASTE TEST RATING: 9 out of 10 shells

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Crazy Orange Turtle’s gluten free BBQ sauce recipe

gluten free bbq sauce

Today both myself and my other half had a craving for sloppy joes. These are a once or twice a year treat in my house, and they are always made with super lean turkey or chicken, not ground beef. The problem: I need a gluten free BBQ sauce to make my sandwiches. have never enjoyed the canned sloppy joe sauce, and always made my own BBQ type sauce for the dish. The problem was that my recipe contained not one, not two, but three gluten containing ingredients! I needed a new recipe fast. I have only just begun my gluten free journey, and the few books I bought about gluten free diets didn’t contain a recipe for anything remotely similar to a BBQ sauce. So, I winged it. It was the best sloppy joe sauce ever! I served my better half the sloppy joe on a homemade roll , but I had mine without bread. Not because I couldn’t make my own gluten free roll, but because I really wasn’t hungry enough for all of those carbohydrates. I am definitely going to be making this recipe to top chicken, steak, ribs and anything else that I might like to put BBQ sauce on in the future. Very good, but the recipe is technically a little ordinary — its very good but nothing fancy! So it can’t be a perfect 10. As you are aware, 10 is reserved for the spectacular recipes — or chocolate.
TURTLE TASTE TEST RATING: 8 out of 10 shells

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Low-Gluten Multigrain Bread

low gluten bread crumb

This low-gluten, kneed free, high-fibre bread is moist, light and very tasty. My favourite feature of this bread is the inclusion of flax seeds, which I simply love for the fibre and Omega fatty acid content. In addition, it is made with the flour of the gluten free ancient grains amaranth and quinoa as well as spelt flour, a low in gluten, but not gluten free variety of wheat. Everyone in the family can eat and enjoy this extremely healthy bread. It is ideal for people, like myself, with a mild form of celiac who are still able to eat spelt. If you know somebody with celiac and you are not sure if they are able to tolerate the low gluten content in spelt flour, do not use spelt in this recipe! The flour of the gluten-free grains sorghum or teff can be used instead of spelt with little or no change in bread quality.

TURTLE TASTE TEST RATING: 8 out of 10 shells

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