Update on the sad state of gooey gluten-free affairs

So, after posting recipe after recipe for a good many days I suddenly dissapear!Well, not 100% true. I was here, I was baking and cooking, just nothing was going right. It was so sad!

I attempted to make gluten free pizza dough — and it never cooked through. It was a big goo-y mess after 1 hour in the oven. So, while my partner had finished his whole wheat pizza, i was left eating puffed rice cereal for dinner. Not happy.

Then I tried to make a bread recipe written by one of the well loved gluten-free baking guru’s so many people have recommended. That didn’t bake either! Dark on the outside, gooey mush on the inside. I even used an oven thermometer to ensure that the internal temperature had reached 200F as suggested in another of my gluten-free cooking books. What a waste of expensive gluten-free flour.

THEN I attempted to make foccacia. The same thing happened!

I don’t understand why this would happen when I follow the recipes EXACTLY as stated. I sure hope my oven isn’t broken. Anyway, I’ll try again today. *CROSSES FINGERS*


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