Gluten-free shampoo

When I was diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) I immediately looked up the ingredients in all of my health care products (soap, shampoos etc) in order to determine if they contained any gluten containing products. I had to change my soap and my moisturizer but my other regularly used personal hygiene products were gluten-free! Hurrah!

Getting rid of the gluten-filled products and eliminating gluten from my diet vanquished the DH on my knees, elbows and face, but the DH on my scalp continued to worsen. Last week I had had enough and once again looked up the ingredients in my shampoo and conditioner. Low and behold those a**holes had decided to change the formula of my favourite shampoo and conditioner to include a wonderful gluten-filled thickening agent.

So I switched to Dove, which is supposedly gluten-free (I hope).

But Dove doesn’t keep my hair in check. The frizz free formula makes my hair frizz like there is no tomorrow (I have hair that is wavy to curly, it never does just one, parts of my head will be really curly, and others will just be limp and straight). I’ve had a really, really big afro all week. Its horrible. My hair is nice and clean and soft but POOF!

If any of you know a gluten-free shampoo that actually gets rid of frizz please let me know. I can’t take my hair being this big. I wish it were the 80s, I’d be so cool.

Please see this photo:

That is what my hair looks like AFTER I try to straighten. Maybe I should just cut it all off.

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  1. I’ve had a terrible last few months…then checked my products. ARRGH….the wheat, the oats!!!
    changed everything I was using and I feel MUCH better now!
    I know some can tolerate oats but not me.
    It’s been a looooong winter, eh?
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Try California Baby products – they are all gluten free – and no frizz…

    They have their own website.

    Good Luck,


  3. Hi there! Have you tried John Frieda’s line of products— Frizz Ease? I am exceptionally sensitive to gluten & any gluten in skin or hair products– I have seizures in response to any gluten I come in contact with. Frizz-Ease has been OK for me & it DOES tame your frizz. Watch out for the other Frizz-Ease products, however, that are not shampoo & conditioner, such as the creams & sprays. They changed the ingredients in one of them & it now contains wheat. I hope this helps!
    Frizz-Ease is available at Wal-Mart.

  4. Hello there my name is Sophia & I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in Feb of 05 and have been Gluten Free ever sense.

    I too suffer from the frizz & living in Wisconsin this winter was awful for my hair and scalp. I do have a website where I offer gluten free bath and body items which i have tried from another company which i resell these items for. The items are good for those just wanting to avoid gluten, but i did find i still had the frizz and also, i am a smells kinda gal, i like my shampoo and conditioner and other products to smell good but i dont want any crap in my products either so i suppose i am hard to please, so……the natural solution for me was to just research and make my own damn line. heheh

    I still offer the other line of products on my site which are great for some people, but if you want more of a true salon experiance with your shampoo and conditioners and other bath and body products, then my new SPA 3THREE line is for you.

    I spent the extra time and money on quality 100% pure essential oils to not only give all my products an amazing all natural scent while providing even more amazing healing benefits.

    I strongly suggest you go to my site and get my all new CHERRY BARK SHAMPOO which is totally gluten free and pair it up with my CALMING CHAMOMILE CONDITIONER which is also gluten free. I added an extra shot of 100% chamomile essential oil to each bottle. the chamomile smells just wonderful. it also heals your hair and will smooth out that frizz. also chamomile is naturally healing to your scalp so any flakes or sores will be soothed. you can actually feel it tingle just a bit. it almost smells and feels minty. your head will feel cool and soothed when you use it.

    all my products were lovingly tested on myself and my husband and a few friends and family members but never ever on any animals! i promise you that.

    i have 7 yes 7 beautiful cats and would never dream of testing anything on any animal.

    please let me know if i can help you at all with anything else.

    Sophia Smukalla

  5. Online you can find lots of shampoo recipes which are made of diluted liquid castile soap (like you can find at a Health Food store) plus essential oils & vegetable glycerin – with no thickeners or other questionable additives. Some recipes can be found at:

    FYI – when the skin on my hand is acting up, an over-the-counter product called ‘ACID MANTLE’ seems to help.

  6. I use Joico and Jonathan both of them don’t contain wheat. I’ve had success with both of them.. I also use Peter Coppola hi-define styling mudd (you can get it from HSN). It doesn’t make me itch or sneeze at all. I use it as a styling tool and it helps keep the frizz down.

  7. I get my hair professionally colored at a salon. My stylist has contacted all the major brands and not one carries product without wheat.

    Does anyone know of professional salon products, particularly that do not contain wheat?

  8. You may want to try my Calming Chamomile spa set. The set includes:






    Sophia Smukalla

  9. I was just looking for some shampoo too. I have a sensitivity to gluten, corn and milk so I am really having trouble.
    I wanted to recommend Burts bees though. Some of the shampooh and condtioner is gluten free (but contain a milk enzyme).
    Go to their website-they tell you all the ingredients and you can get it at walgreens

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