My name is Shauna, I am 29 years old.

I’m currently working for a medical diagnostic company who specializes in producing automated diagnostic tests for autoimmune diseaes — like celiac disease! Somebody has to create the test kit that allows doctors to search your blood for autoantibodies, and I’m one of those people.

I grew up in Brampton, ON, Canada. I am currently living in Cambridge with my wonderful partner Brett, my SIX cats Mila, Miles, Neko and Shazaam, Paprika and Shinobi, and my dog a bratty Puggle named Oliver. I don’t have many photos of Brett (he doesn’t like seeing what he looks like after a photo) so I won’t post any! I do, however, have many photos of my cats and of my pup (see below).

My cats were all adopted or saved from homes where they were unhappy.

Our oldest Neko, is almost 9 years old and is a big white fluffy ninja. Before he was with my partner he was in a house where the older cats beat him up. He was rescued from the other cats — not the owner. The owner treated him very well and was very sad to see him go, but she just couldn’t let him get hurt by the older cats (whom she also loved). Nobody beats Neko up now — he is the king of the house. You don’t mess with Neko.


Pictures-Nov4 033etsy june 26 07 001 Next in line is Miles. One of my partner’s friends found him (and his sisters) abandoned by his mother when he was just little. I think something horrible happened to the mother because mother cats don’t usually just abandon their little ones especially since he was so little that he had to be bottle fed! He is now our biggest cat — he likes to eat! I’m trying to get him to lose weight but its not working very well. He is really not very bright, but he makes up for it with his sweetness and gentle personality. He purrs louder and longer than any other cat I know.


cats and shazaam in the garden march 27, 2007 055100_0154
Mila is our little princess — our only female cat. She is a very proper cat who demands everything with great authority. She is also too intelligent for her own good – if she had opposable thumbs she could open a door knob. She has tried! She is also our little huntress. We don’t have a mouse problem because she’ll find and kill anything — and then bring them to me as a present. She was my first cat and grew up in a cat free home (just her). So she tolerates her brothers but doesn’t really like them very much. She is also our suckiest cat and demands cuddles and leg rubs (and treats!). If you don’t give her attention she yells at you. She has her nasty bitchy meow down!


Pictures-Nov4 098
(that is all of Mila, I have lots of photos but she doesn’t photograph well because she is all black and her fur glistens oddly. I only want to put nice photos up! Another to come soon!)
Shazaam is our orange terror and poopie bum. He causes problems! He doesn’t clean himself very well — enough said! He is the only cat who tolerates a lead so in the spring and summer he helps me garden. He is also our friendliest cat with strangers. If you come to our house you MUST cuddle him or else he will climb your leg and meow until you give him a pat. He drives us insane but then goes to sleep and looks so cute that we forgive all his trouble-some ways. Damn him and his being so cute!

Pictures-Nov4 047
Pictures-Nov4 077

Paprika was our latest addition. She was ‘shoved’ on us last year by a co-worker who declared ‘If you don’t take her I’m bringing her to the pound!’ Unfortunately I’m a sucker, and I can’t let cats go to the humane society when I can love them. When she came she was so weak from being in a cage that she couldn’t jump, and had the strangest shape. Her fur was so horrible feeling. She had hookworm and round worm (which she gave to all the other cats!). It was not a good start. But now she is loved very much. She can jump and pounce, her body looks like a cats body, and not like a pear, her fur is soft and shiny. She is such a friendly happy cat. Below a photo of her in the dryer, because warm towels are her favourite — getting her photo taken is not, hence the glare.

paprika in the dryer and oliver with his toys
Last but not least is Shinobi, our little wiener. He was born sometime in March 2007 and was rescued from the Cambridge humane society. I really, really wanted a kitten as my other cats came to me when they were older. Perhaps I was selfish in this regard, but I just wanted to experience kitten hood! He really loves his big brothers and sleeps snuggled beside them all the time. He talks SO very much, unless he is sleeping he runs about the house yelling MEW! MEW! MAROOO! Its quite funny; he’s such a wiener. He was an extremely good addition to our little family.  Anyway, the first photo is Obi when he is 9 weeks old, and the second photo is him today.


May 17 and May 18, cats and NEW KITTEN! 038Pictures-Nov4 086

Our puggle (pug x beagle mix) came to us last November. His birthday is September 12. He has changed our household a lot — he always wants walks and attention! Puggles are very high energy dogs — so think twice before you get a puggle, they are a lot more work than they look! But they are quite affectionate. He’s settled down A LOT since we brought him home, but the first few months were really rough. He was the most uncooperative nippy puppy I’ve ever met in my whole life. But he is loved. His favourite things: playing fetch, ripping up toys, getting snuggles.

Oliver innocently killing his rope toy 08-28-2009

I am an avid gardener. Its winter at the moment so its a little depressing. I love to grow my own everything, organically of course. The photo is of my seedlings from May 2007 — just before the last frost! Notice Miles in the right hand corner making sure his delicious seedlings are safe.

may 13 2007 068

And finally a photo of my new garden, in my new house! We moved in last October so this was the first year I actually had a real garden of my own. My past gardens were at leased homes so I couldn’t put many perennials into the ground. But this year! Woo!

front flower garden 2009

Please read the blog disclaimer READ ME

AND if you do know me in real life and just come to this page but don’t actually have a LJ account please let me know. I don’t like stalkers. Makes me want to make my journal entries 10% friends only and NOT add you to my friend’s list. Really. Very creepy.


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  1. 🙂

  2. Just found your blog–we live in the same area! We are exploring gluten-free (or at least reduced-gluten) food with our family.

  3. Curious where you shop for wheat and gluten free products, food, and baking/cooking rice flour products?
    I’ve been to the store on Bridgeport in Wloo but would like to find other locations for gluten/wheat free food products and organic food products. Buying locally…
    Looking for rice flour, g/wf vanilla without alcohol add and w/gf products that are mixes to make bread, muffins, cookies and any baked goods.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. I found your blog through a link on SparkPeople.com, where there is a Celiac ‘team’. Someone on the team cited your posting for a recipe for sunflower and flax bread. Will you continue your blog? Have you made any more progress toward a GF bakery? I hope your cats are keeping you entertained! I have a flame point Siamese who is an only-cat since losing my springer spaniel last year. Quickly becoming a cat-person! Wishing you a happy 2009.

  5. Hi Shauna,

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    These gluten-free snacks are available in three delicious recipes:

    •Spicy Marinara: Tomato, onion and green pepper flavors – plus a hint of red pepper – capture the taste of spicy, Arrabiata pasta sauce.

    •Parmesan & Roasted Garlic: Creamy Parmesan and roasted garlic flavors are combined to create an irresistible taste combination.

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    Gianna Leonetti
    Zeno for New York Style

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