Gluten-free vegan Vietnamese noodle soup

soup close upOne of my favourite lunches is Phở – Vietnamese noodle soup. It looks very complicated to make, because of all the ingredients, but it is really quite a simple! This low-fat vegan version is great for lunch or dinner. If you really hate tofu, and are not vegan, you can substitute chicken broth for the vegetable broth, and grilled chicken breast for the tofu.

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Healthier gluten -free General Tso’s chicken with snow peas

general tsao chicken

General Tso’s chicken has always been one of my favourite dishes. The deep fried sweet spicy goodness of the dish makes it a very popular choice in North American Chinese restaurants. Unfortunately, the sauce is typically full of gluten and the the deep-fried chicken makes my clothes shrink.

This updated version doesn’t taste quite like what you get in a Chinese restaurant — unfortunately nothing can compete with the sinful taste given up by the boiling oil of the deep fryer. But its a close approximate. The sauce is thickened with corn starch so wheat is no longer an issue.

I have replaced the traditional broccoli with snow peas. There is no real reason for doing this – I just like snow peas! If you want to add broccoli instead, steam it in a separate pot and add it to the chicken stir-fry at the very end.

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Gluten-free Beef with Broccoli

beef and broccoli

Nothing rings in the new year like Chinese inspired cuisine. Although far from authentic, this American/Canadian Chinese style food is still absolutely delicious! And a great thing about this type of meal is that it is so simple to make gluten-free. Just finish it off with a side of rice — I prefer steamed jasmine rice — and you’re good to go! The whole thing only took me 15 minutes to prepare, 20 if you include the time it took me to find my pairing knife. I have absolutely no idea why it was in the living room.

Okay, not entirely true. I tend to wander about a bit when I’m cooking. But still, I don’t usually leave knives in the living room. Oven mitts? Yes, they’re in there all the time, but not knives.

This dish is excellent as the flavour is not compromised if you add extra chili oil, sauce or crushed chili peppers which gives the dish a real zing. If you really cannot handle the spice, don’t add any at all chili at all, and it will still be delicious. Personally I cannot stand when my mouth is burning, but I do like things zesty, so I add just a pinch of crushed chilli’s to the sauce. Recipe serves about 4 people, 2 if you’re really hungry and don’t eat it with rice.

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