Ancient grains blueberry banana bread (gluten-free)

bread close up

YUM! Banana bread! I love banana bread. There are many different gluten-free banana bread recipes out there, and I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. So this is my attempt at improving what was already out there.

I wanted a recipe that was high in fibre and nutrients. In order to do that I wanted to use as many different types of flour as possible. I also added flax seeds for fibre, and blueberries for antioxidants.

This is not the light and fluffy banana bread that is common as a snack bread or dessert. I’m not saying it doesn’t taste good, its actually very tasty, but you can tell its better for you than most other breads. Think of a regular banana muffin versus a banana bran muffin. This one is closer to the banana bran. I plan on cutting slices and freezing them individually between wax paper for excellent, healthy breakfasts on the run! Next week I’m going to try to reduce the fat content and turn the recipe into muffins. Stay tuned!

There to see more photos, click the links ‘outside of bread’ & ‘inside of bread’ directly below.
outside of bread
inside of bread

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