Food Review: PatsyPie Gluten-Free Artisan Cookies, the BEST commercially available! Hands down!

patsy pie is my goddess

Last weekend I really, really, really wanted cookies. But I was honestly really, really, really too tired to make them myself. You see, I started a new job on Monday, so I spend all last weekend cleaning the house, making gluten-free bread and soups for my lunches, and generally getting prepared to not be at home all the time anymore. Is it bad that I miss being unemployed (although I do enjoy my pay cheques!).

Anyway, I ended up at the local franchise of the (Canadian) grocery store known as Sobey’s. I knew this location had a very, very limited gluten-free area (which is why I don’t often shop at this particular location) so I wasn’t expecting much.

Then I met Patsy Pie, and my whole world was changed. The raisin and almon biscotti I brought home was just so good! Dipped in my afternoon coffee the whole horror of the day just melted away.

Then the unthinkable occured: I ran out of biscotti! It was dreadful!

I quickly devised a plan to get as much Patsy Pie as I possibly could. This plan involved searching the internet for a store that sold these delicious biscotti online. And I found it, right from the manufacterer!
I discovered that biscotti was not the only deliciousness that Patsy sold. Oh no! She has an entire line of artisan cookies. I quickly ordered $50 worth of these wonderful, wonderful treats (free shipping on orders over $50)! A few days later they arrived on my doorstep. Now I’ve gained too many pounds to count, and so has my non-celiac partner who has single handedly polished off all of my chocolate chip cookies while declaring ‘Who needs gluten when you can eat these?’. And as for the gluten-free brownies? They’re also gone, gone, gone. Well, not really. I’m sure you can see them on my cheeks. And I don’t mean the ones on my face.

So my friends, if you really, really want good artisan cookies do not buy that other commercial crap they have in the store. Head to (or Sobey’s) and help this small gluten-free business make more money. They deserve every penny!