Spicy blackened tilapia (gf)

blacked fish 2
I know, I know. This fish looks burnt to a crisp! But its not, really. Its just blackened. Honest!

I’m really not a fan of fish, but I’ve been trying to eat more of it because its so much better for you than, steak for instance (I love steak). Anyway, I keep trying new recipes hoping that I’d eventually find a recipe I don’t mind. This recipe is definitely the best I’ve tried. I actually didn’t mind it at all. My partner, who actually likes fish, said (between making yummy noises) that it was the best fish he has ever eaten. So, if you like fish you’ll probably really, really like this recipe. I think I put too much butter in the pan and cooked it just a little too hot as the fish really blackened on the outside. The inside, however, was nice and moist, so don’t worry if your fish ends up looking much blacker than other photos you see, it will still taste wonderful.

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