Where am I and why am I not writing?

So, why haven’t I updated my blog regularly this month?

Good question, and the answer is: I have been sick. First with some sort of cold, then with some sort of virus, and this week I was glutinated by something. I don’t know what. When I’m sick I don’t write coherently, and I don’t want to cook or take photos of my food. I’m just grumpy and you don’t want to be anywhere near me!

Previously I mentioned that I didn’t get intestinal distress from gluten, just the rash. Well, apparently being gluten-free for the last while has changed that fact. Not only did my stomach revolt but I had a severe, severe, severe headache for 2 days straight (you try using a microscope and counting chromosome aberrations all day long with a headache. Its not pleasant).

Now that my stomach is better, the dermatitis herpetiformis has again erupted with gusto all over my elbows, knees, scalp, back of the neck and in the scar I have on my right cheek. I’ve had to wrap my elbows in bandages just so I cannot scratch because my new insane short term goal in life is to scratch off all 30 layers of dead cells on my elbows and destroy the underlying basal lamina. Will this result in permanent scarring? Hell yeah, but at least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I stuck it to the man! Or rather, my elbows. My knees are also itchy, but since it snowed AGAIN last night I will be wearing jeans again today, and its really hard to scratch knees while wearing jeans. I am going to work, and I should maintain some sort of decency. Plus its a biology lab, and not wearing pants in a little dangerous.

And no, I don’t know what I ate. This makes the whole situation even worse.

Any road, as previously mentioned it snowed again last night. So I must go clean off my car and get to work. Hopefully I won’t feel like mud and I’ll be back to the kitchen soon. I’m getting a little tired of Lara bars. But not the cherry pie Lara Bar *bliss*.

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A warning about turkey gravy

Just so we are all on the same page: if you mix too much cornstarch in with your turkey drippings, you will get a gravy that is closer in consistency to smooth porridge. Perhaps I can use this to spackle my bathtub. Gluten-free, turkey and sage flavoured spackle.

Other than that disaster, my turkey dinner shaped up well.

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Update on the sad state of gooey gluten-free affairs

So, after posting recipe after recipe for a good many days I suddenly dissapear!Well, not 100% true. I was here, I was baking and cooking, just nothing was going right. It was so sad!

I attempted to make gluten free pizza dough — and it never cooked through. It was a big goo-y mess after 1 hour in the oven. So, while my partner had finished his whole wheat pizza, i was left eating puffed rice cereal for dinner. Not happy.

Then I tried to make a bread recipe written by one of the well loved gluten-free baking guru’s so many people have recommended. That didn’t bake either! Dark on the outside, gooey mush on the inside. I even used an oven thermometer to ensure that the internal temperature had reached 200F as suggested in another of my gluten-free cooking books. What a waste of expensive gluten-free flour.

THEN I attempted to make foccacia. The same thing happened!

I don’t understand why this would happen when I follow the recipes EXACTLY as stated. I sure hope my oven isn’t broken. Anyway, I’ll try again today. *CROSSES FINGERS*