Gluten-Free fingerling potato and egg salad

new years day lunch 020 editedI had a craving for potato salad today. Since we were going to a New Years Day lunch I made some to bring along. This super easy recipe is best made with red skinned fingerling potatoes for colour, but I couldn’t find any at the store, so golden skinned potatoes had to do. Of course you can use most potatoes for this recipe, but fingerlings are very buttery and creamy, making this version a treat to eat. If you are going to use non-fingerlings, stay away from baking potatoes and russet types, they will fall apart when you boil them due to their high starch content. The stone ground mustard gives the salad the unique flavour. Without the mustard, the whole thing is very bland. Regular mustard can be substituted if you do not have stone-ground.

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